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Leads Comparison Chart

Average lead provider closing ratios based on jTracker reports sent to us by brokers.

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Company Avg. Closing ratio Shared by...
CarrierSoft 4.4% 10
One Source / ATL 6.7% 7
One Source / ATL SUPERIOR 12.9% 3
IRELO / Car Shipping Pro / Auto Transport Depot 4.3% 10
IRELO Top Auto Premium 5.9% 5
LeadFi 5.9% 6
LeadFi Premium 13.4% 3
Movers 6.0% 9
Car Transport Leads 8.2% 5
Automobile Shipping Quotes (ASQ) / American Auto Shipping / Superflo - Michael Sales 1.8% 10
(ALLEN+BATES) 8.4% 6
iMover 4.3% 10